Advisory Services

We are dedicated not only to lowering our carbon impact, but also to providing services that lower the global impact.

Our services help organizations implement carbon management action plans

As part of our initiative to accelerate the adoption of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) projects around the world, our Technical Advisory Services group shares their knowledge and expertise with businesses to help them assess and develop CCUS and sequestration projects.

With over 40 years experience in CO₂ handling and permanent storage with 20 million tons sequestered annually, we are uniquely qualified to offer capabilities and carbon management options that nobody else can. These services include consulting, engineering, project development and operational management of sequestration sites throughout their life cycle.



Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV) helps organizations develop responsible, realistic carbon capture and management strategies with the potential to deliver true progress. This includes working with emitters on a broad range of engagements and deliverables such as feasibility studies, financial models, tax credit assessments, peer reviews, CO2 monitoring programs and more.



Specialization makes all of the difference in engineering support. Our in-house teams offer extensive carbon management insights, from functional protocols and regulatory issues to the latest technical advances. Access leading expertise in capture plant engineering as well as sequestration well site selection, seismic analysis, reservoir modeling and total well engineering for geologic sequestration.



Our major projects group provides global project development expertise recognized worldwide for its comprehensiveness and credibility. From materials procurement to project and construction management, We can execute the full scope from carbon capture plants to sequestration well development for customers—and do so on time and within budget.

Rapid Assessment Modeling

Oxy Low Carbon Venture's Rapid Assessment Modeling helps businesses across different industries determine if carbon capture initiatives make sense for their organization.

Sequestration Services

We provide sequestration services to permanently sequester captured CO2 in secure geologic formations. We offer two forms of geologic sequestration:

Carbon Neutral Production Sequestration
Permanently sequester captured CO2 through our Permian Basin Carbon Neutral Production operations to lower your organization's carbon impact. This reduces carbon emissions while simultaneously contributing to the production of carbon-neutral fuels.

Dedicated Sequestration
With this form of sequestration, we can engineer and develop dedicated CO₂ sequestration wells to inject captured CO₂—permanently storing emissions underground and lowering the carbon intensity of your product.

Accredited Carbon Retirement

We are able to track and certify each ton of CO₂ sequestered to provide qualification and documentation for applicable tax incentives. We know there is a need for transparent CO2 accounting mechanisms, robust environmental safeguards and monitoring and reporting systems that comply with comprehensive protocols. We have worked alongside the United States Environmental Protection Agency to develop a methodology to monitor and account for CO₂ stored underground and hold the first two U.S. EPA approved Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) plans.

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