Practical carbon management solutions

The scientific community agrees that there is no silver bullet for climate change and many solutions will need to be implemented at commercial scale to reach global CO2 reduction targets.

That’s why we’re employing multiple technologies, focusing on where we can add the most value—and that’s with CCUS projects.

We are partnering to bring cutting-edge technologies and the best minds together to develop projects. We know that not every project will start up without a hitch and not every technology may work as expected, but we will not stop until they are successfully deployed.

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It will take multiple technologies to reduce global emissions

We are taking a multifaceted approach to reduce our own CO2 and methane emissions and helping other organizations implement projects to reduce theirs. Based on our expertise and experience, we have identified three core initiatives where we are able to provide leadership and make the largest impact on a global scale.

CCUS Project Development

CCUS Project Development

  1. Expanding CO2 capture facilities
  2. Maximizing CO2 storage through Carbon Neutral Production (CNP) operations
  3. Exploring new capture and use technologies such as Direct Air Capture (DAC), mineralization and biosynthetics
  4. Utilizing CO2 to create low carbon fuels and products such as ethylene and PVC
  5. Providing CCUS technical advisory services
Reducing Direct Emissions

Reducing Direct Emissions

  1. Creating operational efficiencies at Occidental facilities
  2. Reducing flaring and upgrading equipment to reduce methane and CO2 emissions
  3. Implementing greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring systems
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  1. Applying technology to reduce energy consumption in operations
  2. Making renewable energy investments and deploying them in field applications
  3. Partnering with NET Power and scaling implementation of this reliable, zero-emission technology